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What is Dragonfire?

Dragonfire: An Ancient LPMUD

Dragonfire MUD has been online serving players since 1989. Dragonfire is a small, well maintained MUD operating at the address port 1999. With 16 complex guilds and over 10,000 unique rooms to explore, Dragonfire offers substantial content for the casual gamer and enough depth/complexity for the hardcore. The game offers around 50 custom, unique quests to complete but are not required to advance.

Dragonfire proudly runs the LDMud gamedriver for LP style muds.

Playing Dragonfire MUD requires a MUD client such as CMud, MUDLet or TinTin++. You can even MUD from your phone these days using apps like Blowtorch.

Game Features

Dragonfire MUD Game Features